Startup 2 Valley


North American Association for Indian IT professionals is an America based Non Profit association



We are creating an ideal atmosphere for start ups with very best services mainly through Mentorship, Infra structure facilities, Fund

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Startup to valley offers services for Start-ups through partnerships with NAAIIP.An opening 1000 start ups resulting in 4000 job openings is planned at this initial stage of this programme



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Who We Are ?

Startup 2 Valley is an innovation venture from North American Association of Indian IT Professionals (NAAIIP). The goal of this program is to promote and fuel start-ups from Indian subcontinent in the is a seed funding and accelerator program for very early stage companies. Its primary goal is to spread real and affordable innovation to start-ups. we had a glorious past and we could come out with flying colors in all our end hours.We aimed to bring a technological revolution by creating a booming IT industry as well as economy

Build Your Product. Win Customers Globally....

Validate Your Market

A Product is more than mere code. It has to solve a real problem - more than that, it has to solve it elegantly. We understand that first-time entrepreneurs struggle in identifying their target customers, and in that key set of features which will make their product click. We work with Entrepreneurs through the customer development process in making the connect between customers - problems and in shaping of the product being built. We help shape a venture, through the continuous learning and feedback process, and through pivots (if needed) to arrive at the birth of a startup.